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Our staff are able to select those models which are known to provide the very best carpet cleaning job. In order for you to get the very best out of the machines, the staff will be there to show you how it works. They will provide you with the knowledge you need to operate the machine without causing any damage to your carpet. When you hire our equipment, you know that stubborn stains are done for. They may laugh in the face of your normal cleaning equipment, but out machines will send them cowering. They are so advanced that we can assure you that the dirt will be done. If you are interested, contact us now.

The equipment which we provide simply has no equal


If you are still not convince then maybe you should come and have a chat with us. We can explain to you all of the ins and outs of carpet cleaning that can truly benefit your home or your office. We intend on having satisfied customers, as a result we want you to come in and try our equipment and get a true grasp of the quality that you are dealing with. We will be happy to talk about your cleaning needs at any time, all you have to do is pick up the phone. You are also welcome to browse our website at your leisure.


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Carpet Cleaning Equipment

You have a once and a lifetime opportunity to hire the services of some of the veterans of carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

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Water Extraction Equipment

If you are looking for a service which can provide better than anyone else, it is water extraction. This is one of the best forms of carpet cleaning.

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Steam Cleaning equipment

There is rarely a bigger name in the carpet cleaning industry that the steam clean. This is known as the big daddy of the cleaning industry.

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Dry Cleaning Equipment

Believe it or not, there are many types of carpet cleaning situations that are not amendable to the water extraction method.

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We are the end of the road when it comes to providing phenomenal carpet cleaning equipment

With the help of our staff, you will leave with the correct machine and the correct knowledge for you to use it. Your carpet will be in for one of the deepest cleans that you could ever imagine. If it turns out though, that something bad happens and you are not happy without standard of service, then we will listen to the problem and endeavour to resolve it as soon as we can. There is nothing can replace a clean carpet. If you too want to have a carpet which you can truly show off to the neighbours, then Eiksys Carpet Cleaning Equipment is the answer to all of your questions. Get in touch today.

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